Actor Kim Min-Seok Salutes in Pictures Before Military Enlistment

Actor Kim Min-Seok reveals his short haircut and salutes in new pictures

Kim Min Seok, who is known for his role in “Descendants of the Sun,” posted new pictures on his social media on Saturday. In the black-and-white photos, Kim faces the camera, saluting in a beret, while in the other he shows off his military-style haircut.

On December 3, Kim announced his plans to enlist sometime this month. Born in 1990, is at the age limit for when he can begin his military service. Once he enters the army, he will go through basic training for about a month and be discharged sometime in 2020.



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Remembering the Life and Lingering Impact of the Late Kim Joo-Hyuk

It has already been a year since actor Kim Joo-hyuk passed away. During this time, the anniversary of his death, many people are saddened by the memory of the actor and entertainer whose life was cut short.

Image source – Namoo Actors

On October 30, Kim Joo-hyuk’s agency Namoo Actors held a closed memorial service in Seoul. Talking about it with the press the agency reported that they are planning a small memorial site, but that it would be private. Furthermore, taking into consideration the “simple and thoughtful nature of the deceased (Kim), we will not release details such as the location and attendance list,” an official explained. Continuing, the official representative stated that they would “forever remember and love the late actor Kim Joo-hyuk, who was a good actor and a good friend.”

The sentiments expressed by the agency have also been reflected by friends and others who worked with the actor. Earlier this month, “2 Days & 1 Night,” a variety show in which Kim was a cast member of, had a special segment where the members of the show reminisced about their time with Kim. More, the staff also a small film festival to honor the late actor’s memory.

Image source – Korea Daily

Last year on October 30, Kim Joo-hyuk passed away in an unexpected car accident that took place in the Gangnam district in Seoul around 4:30 pm. According to police reports, authorities transported Kim to a nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, around 6:30 pm Kim died after CPR failed to revive him. On November 2, the actor was put to rest at his family’s gravesite in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province.

Image source – OSEN News

The footprints left by Kim Ju-hyuk in the movie industry were deep and silent.

Since his death, Kim’s films Heung-boo: The Revolutionist, and Believer were released in succession and his name was still mentioned at film festivals until recently. In fact, at the Grand Bell Awards Kim received the Best Supporting Actor and Special Award for his work in Believer. More, The government awarded the Prime Minister’s Accolade in honor of the deceased’s services to entertainment.

Kim Joo-Hyuk in Believer

Over the course of his career, Kim starred in numerous dramas and films since his debut in 1998 through SBS’ eighth open recruitment. Some of his most memorable works include The Truth Beneath (2016), The Beauty Inside (2015), The Servant (2010), “Reply 1988,” and “Lovers in Prague.”



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MADTOWN Jota Signs with New Agency and Begins Acting Career

Jota of MADTOWN signs a contract with new agency and marks a new beginning!

On October 9, King Kong by Starship Entertainment announced that Jota of MADTOWN signed an exclusive contract with the agency. The company said, “Lee Jong-Hwa became a new member of our King Kong by Starship family.”

They continued, “we are glad to have started his new journey as an actor together. We plan to provide our fullest support as Lee Jong-Hwa, who has proven his talent in various fields, begins this new journey.”

According to the company, Jota not only signed with a new agency, but also announced a name change. From now on, he will take on his real name Lee Jong-Hwa and begin his career as an actor.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-Hwa debuted in the industry as a member of boy group MADTOWN. While promoting himself as “Jota,” he appeared in various TV programs, including SBS “Law of the Jungle” and MBC “We Got Married” and gained recognition from the public. Furthermore, he appeared as a rival character of Nam Joo-Hyuk in MBC 2016 drama “Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-Joo” and briefly showcased his acting skills.

Regarding the news, Lee Jong-Hwa shared a brief comment. The actor said, “I’m glad and thrilled to have become a new family member of King Kong by Starship Entertainment. I will try my hardest to put on the best performance as an actor. Please look forward to my future promotions, and send lots of love and encouragement.”

Image Source – King Kong by Starship

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B1A4 CNU to Debut as an Actor Through Upcoming SBS Drama

B1A4 member CNU will be debuting as an actor!

On October 5, WM Entertainment announced that B1A4 member will appear in the upcoming SBS drama. The agency said, “CNU will star in a new SBS drama ‘Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge’ that is scheduled to premiere on October 6 at 9:05 pm, KST.”

In the drama, CNU will take on the role of Bae Do-Hwan. The character is a police officer who lacks a fair amount of purpose in his work. However, as he meets his alleged “soulmate” Seo Eun-Ji (Go Sung-Hee), he starts to take on more responsibility in his work to impress her.

Moreover, with this drama, CNU finally makes his official debut as an actor. While he has appeared in a KBS sitcom “Sent From Heaven” in the past, this is the first drama that he will appear officially as an actor. Furthermore, this is the first confirmed official activity by the singer since the renewal with WM Entertainment, after Jinyoung and Baro departed from B1A4.

Meanwhile, “Miss Ma” is a drama remake of a detective novel written by the English writer Agatha Christie. Out of 66 Christie’s novels, they picked a story about a female detective named Miss Marple. In the drama, a woman is wrongfully accused of murdering her own daughter. Even in distraught, the woman eventually chases after the real murderer, using her sharp intuition as a mother.

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Musical Actor Jung Sung-hwa Is Now a Father of Twins

Jung Sung-hwa, a musical actor informed fans of the new members of his family.

Jung Sung-hwa
Image source – Instagram

On September 6, musical actor Jung Sung-hwa announced the birth of twins through his Instagram. In the posted picture, he holds one child in each of his arms and smiles broadly while in the hospital.

Further, in the message that accompanied the image the actor thanks everyone who supported the couple, specifically, his wife throughout her pregnancy. Next, he addresses his wife directly saying “Honey, you look happier than before. You work hard,” and “thank you for our beautiful children.”

Speaking to the newborn babies, Jung promises to “raise them well” and expresses hope and happiness for the future. Meanwhile, Jung married his wife who is six years younger than him in 2011. The two have one other child and now have three children.



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Actor Lee Dong-Wook Opens Official Global Fan Page

Actor Lee Dong-Wook finally opened up his official global fan page!

On July 19, his agency KingKong by Starship announced, “actor Lee Dong-Wook’s official fan page is finally opened. We will provide the English version of the website for our global fans as well, and utilize it as the official communication method for our actor.”

Image Source – KingKong by Starship

In detail, the website is divided into four main sectors. The first sector “ABOUT” will list out the previous works that the actor appeared in, as well his personal information. The second sector “GALLERY” provides many high-quality pictures of Lee, including magazine photoshoots and/or while working on drama set.

The third sector “MULTIMEDIA” has the promotional videos of the actor from the past. Lastly, the company will post any upcoming announcements or notices regarding Lee Dong-Wook on the “NOTICE” sector.

Furthermore, the actor himself filmed a short video greeting his fans to his new official page. He said, “I have finally opened up my own fan page. Now that I have my own space, I will try to visit often. Whether it’s writing a post or delivering my whereabouts, I will try to communicate more.”

At last, he concluded, “sorry for taking so long. However, now that it is here, I hope you visit this website a lot! Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-Wook will appear in the upcoming JTBC drama “Life,” premiering its first episode on July 24 at 11PM, KST.

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Baro Writes Sincere Letter to Fans and B1A4 Members After Signing with New Agency

Baro, who recently signed a contract with new agency has written a sincere letter dedicated to B1A4 members and his fans, BANA’s.

On July 17, Baro posted a handwritten letter on B1A4’s official fan cafe, for the first time since his departure from WM Entertainment. After leaving his old agency, Baro signed a new contract with HODU&U Entertainment that specializes in actors.

He first began the letter by saying hello to his fans. The rest is as followed:

“More than half of this year has already passed and hot summer has begun. I think the time goes by so quickly. It’s been 10 years since I came to Seoul to chase after my dreams. It’s also been 7 years since I became a member of B1A4 and met you BANA’s.”

“I remember I promised to make only good memories, but I am not quite sure if you were happy during those times you spent with me. Now that I look back at it, I don’t think I was very good at keeping my promise. I am full of regret and disappointment.”

“To me, the times I spent with you BANA’s were very special and meaningful. I sincerely thank you. Furthermore, I want to thank my members, who understood and supported my final decision. Special thanks to the 3 members who remained as B1A4. I am truly sorry, but at the same time, very thankful.”

“No matter where I am, I will always cherish the memories I made with my members and you BANA’s. I will work harder until the day I can come back as B1A4 Baro. I will always think of you guys. Once again, I sincerely thank you, and I love you. BANA!”

Image Source – B1A4 Official Fan Cafe

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Park Seo-Joon Voted As the Actor Benefiting the Most From Early Enlistment

Netizens picked actor Park Seo-joon as the actor who has benefitted the most from completing his mandatory military service early.

Park Jeo-joon
Image source – OSEN News

From June 17 to 23 people participated in an online survey to determine which male actor has become the most successful after entering the army at a relatively young age. From that survey, Park Seo-joon topped the list with 842 votes (26.9 percent) out of 3,133.

Reportedly, Park enlisted after completing just one college semester. As a result, he has been able to focus on his acting career without working around a potential two-year hiatus. At the moment, Park is one of the top actors in the military age generation and is currently starring in the romantic drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.”

Image source – OSEN News

Next on the list is Yoo Seung-ho, with 700 votes (22.3 percent). Yoo debuted as a popular child actor and was just beginning to transition to an adult actor when he joined the army. Prior to joining, he remained vocal about his desire to serve in the military, but it still surprised many that he enlisted at the age of 21. Yoo was recently in the romantic comedy “I Am Not A Robot” with Chae Soo-bin.

Image source – OSEN News

“Something in the Rain” actor Jung Hae-in rounds out the top three with 425 votes (13.6 percent). He began his term in the military at the age of 21 and debuted as an actor at 26. Further, having performed well since then through various roles, he has become immensely popular.

Other noteworthy actors include Ha Jung-woo, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Lee Kwang-soo.



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Actor Go Soo Confirmed to Star in Upcoming SBS Drama

Actor Go Soo confirmed to star in the upcoming SBS drama “Cardiothoracic Surgery” as his first drama in 2 years!

On June 14, a source from “Cardiothoracic Surgery” reported that Go Soo, after carefully reading the synopsis and the script, decided to join the cast of the drama.

Drama “Cardiothoracic Surgery” is about a cardiothoracic surgeon, who is put in a dilemma where he has to choose between two lives with only one heart. In the drama, Go Soo will act in the role of Park Tae-Soo, a cardiothoracic fellow whose mother is waiting to receive a heart transplant. With this drama, Go Soo is returning to drama for the first time in two years.

A representative reported, “after Go Soo received the offer, he very much enjoyed reading through the synopsis and the script. Afterwards, he made the decision very quickly to appear in the drama.”

Furthermore, they said, “with his confirmation, we were finally able to announce the start of the drama. We ask for your continuous attention.”

Meanwhile, “Cardiothoracic Surgery” will also reunite director Jo Young-Gwang and writers Choi Soo-Jin and Choi Chang-Hwang from SBS drama “Defendant” last year. It aims for a premiere in September, after the end of “Dear Judge.”

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Sung Dong-Il Tops June Actor’s Brand Reputation Ranking, Followed by Go Ah-Ra

Actor Sung Dong-Il tops Actor’s Brand Reputation Ranking for June!

The Korea Institute for Business Review announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for actors and actress, with Sung Dong-Il in the lead. Following Sung Dong-Il, actress Go Ah-Ra ranked number 2, followed by actress Park Min-Young.

From May 11 to June 18, the Korean Institute for Business Review gathered data of 100 actors in Korea to determine the rankings. The data includes consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes. Compared to last month’s data, this month’s data sized increased about 60.61 percent.

Meanwhile, Sung Dong-Il reached a total of brand reputation index of 10,201,457, which is over 200 percent increase from last month. Furthermore, the keywords found most related to the actor included “funny,” “good” and “right.”

Image Source – Korea Institute for Business Review

Sung Dong-Il is currently starring in JTBC drama “Miss Harmmurabi” with Go Ah-Ra, who placed second in the reputation rankings. Go Ah-Ra scored a total of 9,196,822 brand reputation index.

Finally, here are some actors (in order of the ranking) who also made into the top 10: Park Min Young in 3rd, followed by Park Seo-Joon, Lee Sung-Kyung, Lee Jun-Ki, Jung Ryeo-Won, Lee Hye-Young, Seo Kang-Jun, and Lee Sang-Yoon.

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