Must-read Book: ‘Interviews with K-pop Stars’ w/ BTS J-HOPE

Introducing ‘Interviews with K-pop Stars’ with BTS J-HOPE, HOSHI, LEO, CHUNG HA, AND CHAE YEON!

ABOUT THE BOOK: It is easier than ever to find fans from all over the world copying the performances of K-Pop idols.

More and more attention is given to K-Pop artists for their vigorous dancing and acting along to their lyrics on stage.

However, it has not been as easy to find out what they are thinking when preparing their performance or while they are on the stage.

After exploring the story behind the experts in the K-Pop industry and idols who create and produce their own music, journalist Park Hee A in her third book has turned her focus to idols who put on a unique performance based on the identity they each formed in their past.

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BTS’s Agency Big Hit Entertainment Unveils First Member of Their New Boy Group ‘TXT’

Twitter @BigHitEnt

Big Hit Entertainment, boy group BTS’s agency, has unveiled the first member of their new boy group ‘TXT (Tomorrow X Together)’.

On January 11th (KST), Big Hit Entertainment posted on Twitter two photos of the first member Yeonjun (연준), announcing the official debut of the group.

Earlier, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment will debut BTS’s “younger brother group”, yet, the agency never revealed the name or details about the new group.

Big Hit Entertainment also released a teaser video of the new member on their official YouTube account, titled “TXT ‘Introduction Film – What do you do?’ – YEONJUN”.


by Audrey Joung


China’s CCTV Covers BTS During News Show on New Year’s Day

BigHit Entertainment

BTS appeared on China’s New Year’s Day news show on TV.

On January 1st, CCTV reported on the ‘BTS Syndrome’ during the night news show ‘World Weekly (direct translation)’. They covered BTS for approximately two minutes long.

CCTV said, “BTS was called ‘The Beatles of the 21st Century’ from UK’s BBC, and they were also featured on Time Magazine. On September 24th last year, BTS also made a speech at the UN General Assembly”. The news also praised BTS for creating music that covers teenagge issues such as cyber bullying, school bullying, and domestic problems. CCTV explained, “In 2018, BTS created such positive energies and music on global stages”.


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by Audrey Joung


BTS Owns Stage with Superb Performance on ‘America’s Got Talent 3’

BTS just owned the stage of NBC show ‘America’s Got Talent’ with their performance.

On September 11th, videos of the group performing on ‘America’s Got Talent’ spread out on social media. In the videos, BTS danced on the song ‘IDOL’. In the audience section, some fans are holding their lighter stick, which is the official fan cheering stick of BTS. After the performance, BTS waved hands at their fans and said hi.

Previously, Billboard Magazine had announced that “As if the biggest reality show of the summer could get any bigger, BTS is coming to America’s Got Talent”. USA Today also wrote that the group will attract as much attention as the finalists of the show.

BTS had a celebration performance on ‘America’s Got Talent 3’. The show is one of the most watched shows in the nation, and has made stars in every season.


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by Audrey Joung


BTS’s Agency Big Hit Entertainment Estimated to Have 2.5 Trillion Won Company Value

The company value of BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment is estimated at 2.5 trillion won, calculated by Hana Financial Investment, Co.

Analyst Lee Ki-hoon explained, “Big Hit Entertainment’s total sales and business profits are estimated at 230 billion won and 83 billion won, each. Their record sales have increased to 4.5 million copies up to August this year from last year’s 2.7 million. Therefore, the sales are estimated at 5 million per year.”

“Their sales from digital tracks will be even higher, considering BTS’s songs have the highest views on YouTube”, Lee added.

In conclusion, Lee has estimated the total company value to be anywhere from 1.8 trillion to more than 2.5 trillion won, after applying PER (Price Earning Ratio) of x30 and x40, each.


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by Audrey Joung


BTS Makes Powerful U.S. Daytime TV Debut on Ellen Show

BTS has just made their first U.S. daytime show debut with The Ellen Show!


Earlier today (27th), The Ellen Show’s YouTube channel uploaded videos of the guest BTS.

In the first video, the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres introduced BTS as “the most famous K-pop boy band in the world”. After her introduction, BTS performed their new song ‘MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)’ on the set and the ‘A.R.M.Y’ fans were there to support the group.

After successfully performing the live stage, BTS had an interview session with Ellen.

When Ellen asked Rap Monster how he taught himself English, he said he learned through the American show ‘Friends’. He said:

Back in the days when I was 14 or 15, it was quite like a syndrome for all the Korean parents to make their kids watch ‘Friends’. I thought I was kind of like a victim at that time, but right now I’m the lucky one. Thanks to my mother, she bought all the seasons on the DVDs. Firstly I watched with Korean subtitles, next with English subtitles, and then later removed the subtitles.

To Ellen’s another question on if any of the BTS members have dated one of their ‘A.R.M.Y’ fans, Rap Monster wittily answered, “We are all dating them!”

Watch the interview here:


by Audrey Joung