2PM member and actor Taecyeon made an appearance on the August 2nd episode of tvN’s ‘Taxi’.

Photo from ‘Taxi’

He appeared with fellow cast members, Jo Sung-ha and Jo Jae-yoon from his latest OCN drama ‘Save Me’.

The three actors expressed their hope for the drama to do well. “I hope the audience understands that I had to bleach my hair three times while filming this drama,” Jo Sung-ha said, causing laughter on set.

In regards to his military service, Taecyeon responded positively. “I’m going to go soon. ‘Save Me’ is most likely my last drama and ‘Taxi’ will most likely be my last variety appearance,” he said.

Jo Jae-yoon shared his history of bad guy roles. “Not all bad guys are the same. In this drama, my character is the absolute worst. Even I feel dirty looking at him,” he shared humorously.

The actors also shared their first expressions of each other. “I bumped into Taecyeon at a drinking party once. He drinks well. There was never any soju left in his glass,” said Jo Sung-ha. “I first met Jae-yoon on the set of ‘Perfect Number’ and he came off pretty strong,” he said jokingly.

Photo from ‘Taxi’

Jo Jae-yoon also revealed his thoughts. “Jo Sung-ha hyung is gentle and the type that looks very good in suits, but he’s an ahjumma on the inside. When Park Hui-soon, Gong-yoo, and the two of us talk, it never ends. Even then, we all end up talking about different things,” he said.

Taecyeon shared stories about his life in the U.S. “I did get a perfect score on the TOEIC, but it’s not true that I can speak four different languages. I speak three. When I debuted, I was studying Spanish and Chinese, but after a while, I forgot. Now, I can speak Japanese, so that makes three.” To this, Jo Sung-ha responded with “I had no idea you were like that.”

“I auditioned for a few Hollywood roles. I sent in tapes and attended in-person auditions, and even got casted once. But because of problems with my visa, I wasn’t able to do it,” the actor said in regards to debuting overseas. “After I come back from the military, I’m sure there will be chances to try again.”

Taecyeon also showed his ‘genius’ side and ‘clumsy’ side. “I try to guess the approximate time when filming ends,” he said. When asked about his faults, he pointed out his fashion troubles. “I am weak to details,” he said amusingly.


Original article
by Sun Mi-kyung

Translated by Janet Kang