Singer Hyomin turned into a chef for her fans!

Hyomin, a member of girl group T-ara, hosted a special event for her fans. On June 3, she opened ‘Hyom’s Restaurant’ at the DDP Hino’s Recipe in Seoul, where she cooked for her fans in celebration of her birthday.

Out of 800 fans who applied, 100 special fans received the invitation to attend the event. In addition, Hyomin cooked 15 different dishes, including spaghetti, steak, pizza, and various finger food.

Prior to the event, Hyomin posted on her social media, a video of herself preparing for the ingredients the day before the event. The singer claimed she was in the kitchen for 12 hours just for the preparation.

On the day of, she greeted every single one of her fans and showed her affection towards them. In addition, she patiently waited for them to finish their food before moving onto other segments where she continued to communicate with her fans even more. Furthermore, she took pictures with them and delivered the presents she had prepared for them.

Meanwhile, Hyomin is currently preparing to release her solo album in the first half of the year.

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Translated by Dasol Kim