Film “Swing Kids” featuring Do Kyung-Soo as its male lead has confirmed to premiere on December 19.

“Swing Kids” will tell a story about a group of amateur dancers, who came together on their shared passion for dancing, despite their brutal living situation at the POW camp in Geoje Island. The film will feature Do Kyung-Soo and actress Park Hye-Soo as its lead roles and just confirmed to premiere on December 19.

There are 5 main characters to this film. First and foremost, Do Kyung-Soo has taken on the role of Roh Ki-Su, who is also known as the “trouble maker” of the Geoje POW Camp. On the other hand, Park Hye-Su has confirmed to play in the role of Yang Pan-Reh, the brain of the group who speaks 4 languages fluently.

Other three characters include the group’s leader Jackson and a hopeless romantic named Kang Byung-Sam, who has to become famous in order to reunite with his wife. Lastly, a professional dancer Shao Pang joins to complete the group.

Despite the language and cultural barriers, these dancers come to understand one another based on their passion for dancing.

Meanwhile, “Swing kids” especially got more attention for being the newest film of director Kang Hyung -Chul, who is known for producing Korea’s all-time favorites – 2008 film “Scandal Makers” and 2011 film “Sunny.”

Image Source – Swing Kids

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Translated by Dasol Kim