Singer and actress Bae Suzy shared a screenshot of signed petition to investigate illegal nude photo shoot through her Instagram and the number of supporters has rapidly risen.

On May 17, Bae Suzy shared a screenshot showing that she has signed to support the government petition asking for the investigation regarding recent illegal nude photo shoot case.

Earlier that day, YouTuber Yang Ye-won took on her social media to confess and ask for help regarding sex crime she had been a victim of. Through video and letter, Yang describes details of what happened at a photo studio where she was locked and forced to wear only underwear and pose in front of 20 men.

After Bae Suzy shared the photo of the petition page, the number of supporters increased more than ten times. While many left compliments about Suzy for giving positive influence about social issues, some pointed out that she is interfering rather impetuously.

Answering to such comments and explaining why she supports the petition, the star posted a letter to her Instagram.

“I accidentally read about a ‘female person’ who had a dream of being an actress,” Suzy writes. “Three years ago, she was sexually harassed at an unwanted photo session and later the photos were leaked to porn sites, which made her want to kill herself.”

“I searched for news articles about the incident and the comments to them were shocking,” she continues. “Of course the case is still under investigation. It is true that there is nothing determined. It is a unilateral contention and there isn’t enough evidence to prove anything of either side.”

“We don’t know whose words are true. That’s why I couldn’t make any decision the other morning. However, comments that blur the fundaments of the incident made me feel uncomfortable.”

She continued in the letter to say that she wanted to support Yang’s courageous confession and signed the petition to ask thorough investigations on hidden camera crimes and illegal photo shootings.

“Some pointed out that I was impetuous to interfere in a particular petition,” Suzy writes, answering to criticisms. “But I wanted this case to be spread out so that it can find a subtle conclusion, whichever side was the victim.”

“It’s not because the person was a woman. It’s not about feminism. I ‘interfered’ human to human. It was my impetuous interference regarding humanism.”


By Heewon Kim