Suzy admitted that she mistakenly accused a wrong studio in her recent SNS post that expressed her support for sex crime victim.

Recently, Suzy shared a picture of signed petition to investigate illegal nude photo shoot on her Instagram. While the singer did so with good intentions, Suzy unfortunately made a mistake of accusing a wrong studio that had nothing to do with this illegal activity.

The mistakenly mentioned studio, Once Picture, was outraged at this incident and announced that they wanted to take legal action against the singer.

On May 21, Once Picture announced “Suzy must have known her influence on social media. If she wanted to sign a petition that had our studio’s name and address, and further accuse us of the illegal activity, she should have at least checked the facts before doing so.”

They continued, “Suzy says she posted an apology to us on Instagram. However, the apology doesn’t make this go away. Of course it’s not only her fault, but where should we get compensated for the damages we received? I hope this acts as a lesson that trivial action a celebrity commits can have a detrimental effect on others. Finally, our studio will ask for legal responsibility from Suzy, malicious commenters, and the Blue House who left a petition that defamed us for such a long time.”

Meanwhile, after Suzy realized her mistake, she immediately posted an apology on her Instagram.

On May 19, the singer said, “I realized that the studio in the petition I signed is innocent. The name and the owner of the studio has changed since the incident, and I did not realize. At this time, I would like to apologize to the studio because I believe I have made things worse.”

She continued, “I did this with good intentions, but it’s my fault I didn’t check the facts beforehand. I thought better late than never to let you know that the studio is innocent. However, besides my unfortunate mistake, I hope the investigation continues.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim