Super Junior’s Ryeowook Returns to Society After Completing Military Service

Super Junior’s Ryeowook finishes his military and comes back straight to the open arms of his members and fans!

On July 10, Ryeowook was discharged from the military after carrying out his mandatory duty for 2 years. To celebrate, the singer stood in front of his fans and the press at a nearby park and talked about his experience in the military, as well as his future plans.

At the park, about 300 fans awaited the singer. In addition, his fellow Super Junior members also came out to greet him, including Donghae, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Choi Siwon.

The singer said, “hello. I have returned from Sergeant Kim Ryeowook to ordinary Kim Ryeowook, and ordinary Kim Ryeowook to Super Juinor’s Ryeowook. I thank you guys for coming all the way here. Now that I have returned, I will put my fullest efforts into being a member of Super Junior. Please look forward to our future promotions.”

When Leeteuk asked which girl group gave him the most energy, Ryeowook answered “there are too many. Whenever our members appeared on TV, my colleagues would turn to a different channel. But they wouldn’t do it when I was around. I saw lots of Red Velvet, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Momoland, AOA, and (g)i-dle. I want to see them in real life, and I’ll take care of them as a senior singer.”

Furthermore, Ryeowook said traveling with his members is something he wanted to do the most once he returned to society. He said, “we’ve been to Germany, Italy, and Greece. I want to travel with my members. Also, I sang a lot during choir in military, but I really want to sing on stage as a member of Super Junior.”

He also commented, “I went to bed at 10 PM last night, and woke up at 2 AM. I thought it was 6 in the morning already, so I wanted to do some facial stretching to look good in front of cameras. But I fell back asleep.”

When asked if the singer thought he had finally become a real man, he said, “I wanted to. However, another member has already taken care of that, so I’ll say my first hello with my voice.”

At the end, he concluded the conference by jokingly saying he will remember the members who did not come today. Ryeowook concluded, “thank you for coming all the way to Jeunpyeong County. As I have safely returned, I will sing more to compensate for the time I missed while in military.”

On October 11, 2016, Ryeowook enlisted in the military as an active soldier, and was assigned to the military choir. He was the 10th member of Super Junior to enlist, followed by Kyuhyun enlisting last May. The singer plans to carry out his first official schedule, when he meets his fan through his fan meeting “Return to the Little Prince” on July 12.

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Translated by Dasol Kim


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