Legendary k-pop boy group Super Junior is finally returning to the music scene after two years.

Super Junior
“Super Show 6” press conference – OSEN

Super Junior has finalized their long-awaited come back for November, according to an SM Entertainment spokesperson. Currently, the group is preparing for their comeback and recording the new album.

According to the same source, seven members will participate in November comeback. These members are: Lee-teuk, Hee-chul, Ye-sung, Shing-dong, Eun-hyuk, Si-won, and Dong-hae. The remaining four members, Kang-in, Sung-min, Ryeo-wook, and Kyun-hyun will not be participating in this return; Kang-in and Sung-min are on hiatus and latter two are currently serving in the military.

Super Junior debuted in 2005 as a 12-person boy group. Interestingly, the members of the group were chosen due to their varying experiences in the entertainment industry. Many already had experience as actors, MCs, models and radio hosts prior to their debuts.

Since 2010 Super Junior member have gradually been enlisting and finishing their mandatory military service.

By O.C