Sulli from f(x) opened up about rumors and controversies about herself.

On January 15th, Naver VLive released a special clip of ‘Jinri Market’, which is a reality program starring Sulli.

In the video, Sulli shared her thoughts about the controversies that have been going around. She said, “I was very sorry to my friends. I didn’t know why my good friends had to be criticized because of me. Those who know me well understand that I have no bad intentions. However, there are many people who just look at me with prejudice and judge me, and it is quite upsetting”.

She continued and said, “I feel like it’s changed a lot, though, and I hope it will change even more in the future. And I will need to be more responsible for my friends and be more thankful for my fans”.

Earlier on January 2nd, Sulli posted multiple photos and got criticized from the netizens. Many people found these photos shocking and unconventional. Some of the photos showed Sulli and his male friend lying down together, and his head on Sulli’s stomach. When people negatively commented on the posts, Sulli wrote a comment herself saying “Why? What about me?”.

Meanwhile, ‘Jinri Market’ is Sulli’s very first reality show. On the show, Sulli became a CEO and opened a pop-up store, where she learned how to communicate with people.


Original article
by Audrey Joung