Sulli Begins Filming for Her First Reality TV Show in Germany

Sulli’s first solo reality TV show, “Truth Shop,” will start filming in Germany.

Image source – OSEN News

On June 29, an SM Entertainment official reported that “Sulli will leave for Germany on June 30 to shoot Truth Shop,” the actress’ first reality show. Further, according to the official, much of the filming will take place in Berlin.

According to reports, “Truth Shop” is a reality program where Sulli opens and operates a personal pop-up store. Moreover, Kim Ji-wook working through SM CCLAB is the PD working on the show. Prior to this announcement, Sulli made headlines when she posted a photo of a business card with her real name ( Choi Jin-ri) and title CEO.

Image source – Instagram

Additionally, the composition of the show is not yet known. Further, information about anticipated broadcast has not been mentioned either.


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