To honor the life of Jonghyun and to mourn his passing, people turn to his music for comfort.

Jonghyun Suicide Song Chart
Jonghyun performs at “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL” in August – OSEN News

SHINee Jonghyun has topped MelOn’s live music chart after news of his suicide became public. His song “Lonely” featuring labelmate Taeyeon, is currently trending at no. 1. The song is from his second compilation album The Collection: Story Op. 2 released earlier this year“Lonely” is a song that written by Jonghyun that explores the sense of loneliness that is experienced in a relationship when communication breaks down. Lyrics such as:

“Baby I’m so lonely so lonely
I feel like I’m alone
I don’t want to make it obvious to you
I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me”

serve to maintain the emotions of the song throughout its entirety.

End of a Day” is Jonghyun’s second song trending live on MelOn’s music chart in the no. 3 spot. The song is from the singer’s first compilation album, The Collection: Story Op. 1, releases on September 17, 2015. “End of a Day” is starkly different from “Lonely.” Instead of the sense of loneliness and sadness that accompanies “Lonely,” “End of a Day” conveys feelings of comfort and relief. Lines such as ” Your small shoulders, your small hands/ Become my cozy blanket at the end of a tiring day” from the chorus highlights the difference between the two songs.

Another inclusion in the top three live trending songs is Lee Hi’s “Breathe“, a song that Jonghyun wrote lyrics for. “Breathe” is the title track from the solo singer’s sophomore album Seoulite, released in March 2016. In “Breathe” Lee Hi sings lines such as “It’s alright if you run out of breath / no one will blame you,” “It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes” and “It’s alright I’ll hold you/ You did an excellent job” are comforting. Additionally, the lines of the song indicate acceptance and recognition of different emotions including sadness, exhaustion, and more.

On the evening of December 18, SHINee member Jonghyun was found dead in his home, located in Chungdam-dong, Seoul. When police arrived at the singer’s home, they discovered a coal brickette burning in a pan on the stove. The carbon monoxide from the burning brickette is reportedly the cause of death.



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