Stray Kids is to unveil a variety show of their own.

Mnet M2

On March 20, Stray Kids’ own variety show “Found Stray Kids” will premiere through Mnet, M2, and AbemaTV in Japan.

“Found Stray Kids” will capture the group members’ endeavors to be the rookies in variety shows. The show will take the formats from other popular variety shows.

In the first episode, the members will parody “Running Man.” The nine members of the group will wear Freddie Mercury costumes to chase each other to win the race.

“Stray Kids members, who have already proven their musical talents, will now show their idol-like aspects in each episode,” said produce Ahn Hye-rin. “Through ‘Found Stray Kids,’ the members will train themselves for the variety show appearances.”

“Found Stray Kids” will air every Wednesday night.


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