Jeon Somi, Apink Eun-ji, and B1A4 are just a few of the stars who took to social media for Chuseok.


The best way to describe Chuseok is to say that is an equivalent to Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the U.S. However, while that is the simplest, it is not the best explanation. Chuseok is a holiday that celebrates the coming of fall, the autumn harvest, and family.

With the significance of the holiday many celebrities that the opportunity to do something special. In addition to traveling, many dress in Korean traditional clothes or send messages of cheer via social media.

This year Psy, J.Y. Park, Jeon Somi, Apink Eunji, B1A4 Jin-young, and actor Kwak Dong-yeon all posted messages on SNS. The various messages all wish friends and family to have a joyful holiday and to eat delicious food.

By O.C