While BTS member V has recently been selected as the “Most Handsome Person” by TC Candler, his co-workers from the field are jokingly teasing the artist for the award.

On January 11, singer and actor Park Hyung-sik shared a picture on himself with V through his Instagram account. The caption reads, “I’ve met the world’s number one handsome guy. He was actually handsome. I will cut it short because I’m getting jealous.”

Park Hyung-sik Instagram

The joke was actually started by Park Seo-joon. On December 31, the actor uploaded a picture of himself with V and Park Hyung-sik, with a caption saying, “I’ve captured the honorable moment spent with the most handsome man in the world and the number one in my heart.”

Park Seo-joon Instagram

These three Korean stars started their friendship in February 2017, when they acted together for drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.”


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Translated by Heewon Kim