Starbucks Korea has launched three refreshing drinks for summer, which include Watermelon Blended.

Starbucks Korea

During the summertime, especially when you’re staying in cities where the heat wave hit, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Just at the right time, Starbucks Korea released three refreshing summer drinks: Watermelon Blended, Lime Mango Blended, and Milk Caramel Cold Brew Frappuccino.

Starbucks Korea

People are especially excited about the watermelon drink. The blended drink, which is made of watermelon juice, passion fruits, and yogurt, tastes refreshing as tangy passion fruits add a twist to the flavor. As watermelon is known for its high water content, this new drink will make the perfect choice during the season.

If you want something more tropical, try Lime Mango Blended. The drink harmoniously mixes the flavors of lime sorbet, apple mango, and peppermint. Milk Caramel Cold Brew Frappuccino will steal the hearts of coffee lovers.

The three new summer drinks will be available for a limited time at local Starbucks stores in Korea, along with the much beloved Avocado Blended.


By Heewon Kim