Whereas the PSL is the marker of fall in the U.S., Starbucks Korea chose its own unique ingredient for this fall’s drinks lineup – purple sweet potatoes.

Starbucks Korea

On September 4, Starbucks Korea launched its first purple sweet potato flavored drinks.

Officially named, “Violet Roasted Sweet Potato Latte,” Starbucks Korea’s first purple drink captured people’s attention even before the launching. In the first week of the promotional video’s release, it gained over 188 thousand views on Instagram.

Starbucks Korea Instagram

Only for the first three days of its release, over a thousand pictures were uploaded to Instagram with #VioletRoastedSweetPotatoLatte. The pretty purple color surely shows that the drink is made Instagram-worthy.

Reviews on Instagram are mostly positive. According to multiple reviews, the non-caffeinated drink is not overly sweet, making itself perfect to be enjoyed as a supplement for breakfast.


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Along with the Purple Sweet Potato Latte, Starbucks Korea also released Macadamia Cookie Latte, which is a flavored latter topped with macadamia cookie crumbs. Food and pastry items released this season include Autumn Babka Danish, Beef Brisket Sandwich, Apple Almond Cream Cake, and Black Bean Layer Cake.

Starbucks Korea’s fall items are available at local stores in Korea.


By Heewon Kim