Star-Studded Red Carpet for “Memoir of a Murderer” VIP Screening


The new psychological thriller, “Memoir of a Murder”, drew some big names for its VIP screening on September 6.

Sung Kyung-gu, AOA Seol-Hyun, Kim Nam-gil, and Oh Dal-su at VIP Screening of “Memoir of a Murderer” – OSEN


“Memoir of a Murderer” main cast Sol Kyung-gu, AOA’s Seol-hyun, and Kim Nam-gil looked positively stunning during the premier and screening of the new thriller. But they were not the only ones to capture the attention of fans and eager paparazzi.

Jimin, Hye-jeong, and Chan-mi from AOA all came in force to show their support for Seol-hyun’s second big screen roll. In addition to the girl group members Im Joo-hwan, Mon Ga-young, I.O.I’s Jeon So-mi also arrived for the VIP screening.

“Memoirs of a Murder” tells the story of former murderer Byeong-Soo (Sol Kyung-gu) who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer caused by an old car accident. This is all good and well until  Byeong-Soo begins to suspect that his daughter’s boyfriend, Tae-ju (Kim Na-gil), is a serial killer. Unfortunately, protecting his daughter (Seol-hyun) and investigating Tae-ju proves difficult as his memory and sense of reality slowly slip away.

Kim Young-ha’s popular book, “A Murder’s Guide to Memorization”, is the inspiration of the new film.