On July 12 broadcast of tvN “Life Bar,” Soyou shared her honest thoughts that occurred after disbandment of SISTAR.

On the recent episode of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Soyou, Yoon Do-Hyun, Ha Hyun-Woo, and Lee Hong-Ki appeared as special guests. During the episode, Soyou shared that she had thought the disbandment of SISTAR had put an end to her singing career.

Image Source – tvN “Life Bar”

The singer said, “because celebrities are freelancers, the income is not stable. When a singer releases an album, they could end up losing money. When SISTAR disbanded, I thought that was the end of my singing career.”

Soyou further explained that the reason why she tends to save more than she spends is because of the unstable income. She said, “I have bought things from luxury brands, but the happiness lasted not even a week. I don’t spend any money on luxurious items anymore because I learned that the joy doesn’t last forever.”

She also commented that she is more of an introvert than people think she is. Soyou said, “in reality, I’m very introverted. I need fun in my life. After we disbanded, everything I do is boring because I’m alone. I want to sing choreographed songs.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim