Actor Song Seung-heon will be staring in an upcoming tVN political drama “The Greatest Show.”

Image source – Ilgan Sports

On Tuesday, an official reported that actor Song Seung-heon will star in one of tVN’s upcoming dramas, “The Greatest Show,” which is slated to air later this year. In particular, unlike many other dramas out these days, “The Greatest Show” is a political drama that focuses on a¬†lawmaker.

Song will take on the role of this lawmaker who in undoubtedly smart and ambitions; at the young age of 32, he has entered the 19th National Assembly as a representative of a young demographic. He is quick-witted, a good speaker and handsome to boot — all qualities that make him set to become a star politician. Even his is also described as snobbish and loses his cool at crucial moments, damaging his cause and others.

However, with all of the political drama happening around the world, “The Greatest Show” is not just tense moments. It is also satirical and humorous as well. One of the sources of these lighter moments comes from how Song’s character is elected. His siblings and neighbors come together to “create” this politician.

This drama, with its unique political flavor, is written by Seol Joon-seok and directed by Shin Yong-hui.




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