Actor Song Joong-Ki has been offered to appear in a new drama but is still considering the role.

Image source – OSEN News

On March 12 an official from Song Joong-Ki‘s agency said ” Although Song was offered a role in the dramatic historical drama “Aseudal”, he has not made a decision yet.” The new drama is likely based on the myth of Asadal, the mythical capital city of Gojoseon, founded by the fabled Dangun.

Additionally, according to reports, “Deep Rooted Tree” and “Queen Seondeok” writer Kim Yeong-Hyeon will work on the script. Moreover, Kim Jin-won, who has worked on “Rain or Shine” and “The Innocent Man,” will direct the new series. More, both had worked with Song before and were even present at his wedding last year in October.

Currently, “Aseudal” is in the pre-production stage and is still ironing out the details. Further, is Song Joong-ki accepts the role it would be his first since his marriage. His most recent film was Battleship Island, which premiered in July 2017.



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