In an interview Song Joong-ki says that he is upset with some of his past work. However, it was all worth it since it brought Song Hye-gyo into his life.

Song Joong-ki Marie Claire
Song Joong-ki for Marie Claire Korea

Song Joong-ki Marie Claire

Marie Claire Korea published a picture of Song Joong-ki on their social media accompanied with snippets of their interview with the actor. The intimate feel of the photos matched the feeling of the interview as Joong-ki opened up about his past work.

In the interview, Joong-ki was asked about whether he was happy. In response he said, ” I am very happy. I am happy and proud because while I’m upset about my performances in the past, I don’t regret them.” He continues, ” And I am happy because I’ve made the greatest decision ever since; I am happy to have her [Song Hye-kyo]. I’m in a very happy place in my life.”

Recently, Joong-ki and and Hye-kyo tied the knot on October 31 at a private ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Right now, the couple is in Europe for the start of their honeymoon.