Actress and “Running Man” member Song Ji-Hyo meets Kim Jong-Kook’s mother, and the outcome came with a surprise revelation.

Kim Jong-kook, my ugly duckling
Image source – SBS

On the upcoming episode of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” Kim Jong-kook’s mother shocked the cast into silence after revealing something about actress Song Ji-hyo.

The mothers guesting on the show began arguing with each other as they tried to vouch for their single sons to Song Ji-hyo. However, it was one statement made by Mrs. Kim that left everyone shocked.

“Ji-hyo was originally my daughter-in-law,” she said. A subtle tension filled the room before the mothers hilariously scored the proclamation, “1oo points,” they exclaimed. The announcement is sure to encourage further rumors that Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-kook, who both star in the variety show “Running Man,” either have feelings for each other or are secretly dating.

The disclosure made by Mrs. Kim, whether true or not, comes on the heels of a report where the PD of “Running Man” revealed that any romantic or suspicious behavior be the two members is neither forced nor fabricated.

On another note, in a previous episode, Mrs. Kim advertised her son’s marriageability, “He sings well, he is good to his family, and not yet married” she said. Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo’s reaction to Mrs. Kim’s assertation and other exciting revelations will be shown on the upcoming March 18 episode.



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