For Song Ji-hyo’s new movie, “Wind Wind Wind,” the actress explains that for her character she looked for inspiration around her.

wind wind wind
Song Ji-hyo at CGV in Yongsan for a press conference – OSEN News

At a CGV in Yongsan, actress Song Ji-hyo answered the presses’ questions about her role in the new movie “Wind Wind Wind” (directed by Lee Byung-hun) on March 23.

In the new film, Song plays the role of Mi-young, a woman married to the meed and whistful Bong-soo (Shin Ha-Kyun) and younger sister to Seok-geun (Lee Sung-min). To get into character, the actress reveals that she took inspiration from her surroundings.

She said, ” I didn’t feel the need to look at it (the role) from a broader perspective. I have my family members and looked at the relationships between people in the program (Running Man). I tried to look around [me] and do it realistically.”

Other than being an older sibling herself she looked to the program “Running Man” for inspiration. Being apart of the variety program for nine years, she drew from her time with the member and her eight-year-long love-line with former member Kang Gary.

For her onscreen performance, Song also mentioned that she did not want her relationships with her Seok-geun and Bong-soo to “just be pretty” but also objective sensible. Further, she thought it is “realistic to speak honestly” within her role. As such, she sought to not have a demure relationship with both men. Instead, she brought their relationships to life by naturally joking, nagging, and complaining like any ordinary couple and family.

“Wind Wind Wind” is a romantic comedy set of Jeju Island. The film follows four people as they seek adventure, love, and passion in their lives. More, it will be released on April, 5.



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