Song Ji-Hyo mastered the ‘Single Ladies’ dance and became ‘Song-Yonce!’

On May 24 broadcast of ‘Song Ji-Hyo’s Beautiful Life,’ 4 MC’s experienced one of the things from their bucket list to balance out their work and lifestyle. By doing something they’ve always dreamed of doing, they found their “healing moment” amongst busy work.

As the main MC, Song Ji-Hyo decided to learn the dance to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’

While she seemed a bit discouraged at the beginning of the practice, she slowly figured out each step and ultimately earned the nickname ‘Song-yonce.’

Previously, she was known for being a ‘mom-chi,’ which means “unable to dance.” However, Song stepped up the game with ‘Single Ladies’ and overcame her fear of dancing.

Check out her dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ below!

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Translated by Dasol Kim