Model Song Hae-Na says love prevails all!

During the recent photoshoot with fashion magazine bnt, model Song Hae-Na revealed that she has been seeing someone, and if that someone were to become her next boyfriend, she will not hide away from the public.

First of all, Song Hae-Na shared her thought about appearing in the recent web-drama “Tofu Personified” with her co-worker Kim Jin-Kyung. She said, “I was very at ease thanks to Jin-Kyung. We are friends in real life as well, so I adjusted to the surroundings very easily. While I’m still very new at acting, I want to keep challenging myself on top of modeling and career in the fashion industry. That’s why Gong Hyo-Jin, who managed to be the best of both worlds, is my role model.”

Then, Song continued to talk about the differences between auditioning for a drama and runway. She said, “I’ve been auditioning for so many things lately, both in my acting and modeling career. Now that I have finally become comfortable auditioning for a modeling position and walking down the runways, I have to get used to auditioning for dramas. It’s very new and hard for me.”

Moreover, Song shared about this one fatal flaw that sometimes prevents her from improving her acting skills. Song Hae-Na said, “it could be a strength, and it could be a flaw. But I’m very bad at memorizing the script. However, it leads me to add a proper ad-lib, which brings out the reality in my acting. So maybe that’s a good thing.”

She continued, “however, I don’t always receive good comments from the public. Many malicious comments say that I’m not pretty enough, or I’m too short to be a model. When I see those comments, I immediately delete them. That’s how I handle the negativity.”

Song Hae-Na also shared that she gets motivated by spending time with her all-time best friend, Park Na-Rae. The two enjoy their spare time and relieve stress by drinking together and talking about their lives. Song said, “Na-Rae unnie works very hard. However, in midst of all that hard working, she also has fun. When I see her, I think ‘she works that hard, so I should be working, too.’ It really motivates me.”

Finally, Song Hae-Na spoke about her honest opinions regarding being in a relationship now that she has entered the age of 30. The model said, “I have nothing against coming out with my romantic relationship. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I do have someone I’ve been seeing for a while now. If and when someone asks me if I have a boyfriend, I don’t want to lie.”

She continued, “seeing my seniors like Jang Yoon-Ju and Lee Hyun-Yi, I have gained the courage that even after a marriage and pregnancy, you can still actively promote yourself as a model. When I become a mother in the future, I don’t want that to prevent me from appearing on TV or fashion shows. I have too much passion.”

Image Source – bnt

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Translated by Dasol Kim