Apink Na-Eun shares what it’s like to finally make a screen debut through upcoming horror film “Woman’s Wail”

On October 17, Son Na-Eun participated in the production conference for the upcoming horror film “Woman’s Wail” and talked about her screen debut.

“Woman’s Wail” is a horror film that stars actress Seo Young-Hee and Son Na-Eun as its two lead roles. It is also a remake of the 1986 Korean horror classic that tells a story of two woman who end up living under the same roof.

Son Na-Eun has taken on the role of Ok-Bun, a woman who enters a haunted house where death regularly occurs. Song Young-Hee took on the role of the mysterious mistress of the house, who keeps skeletons in her closet.

Son said, “I’ve always wanted to try a horror film. I’m honored to even be a part of this great production. I had many doubts and felt a lot of pressure, but the director helped me in every way possible. He offered me some films and books that might help me with my acting, and the senior actors also helped me to get through it. At the end, even though it’s a ‘horror film,’ I had a lot of fun filming it.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim