The combination of Soju and Calamansi is captivating Koreans.

Have you ever tried Soju, the most common liquor you can find in Korea? Even if you have, you may not find it so appealing to your palates for its taste which almost exacts that of pure alcohol.

Soju’s sheer bitterness is notorious even to the natives. People in Korea jokingly say that you’re not mature enough to drink Soju if it tastes bitter (without difficulty, you can find an elderly drunkard screaming, “Wow, Soju tastes so sweet,” implying that his life is more bitter than soju).

To dilute the bitterness, Soju manufacturers released a series of fruit-flavored Soju a few years ago, which was the greatest hit that time. However, the trend is taken over by this new combination – a Calamansi Soju.

Calamansi, which is better known in the U.S. as calamondin, is a popular citrusy fruit enjoyed as a drink form in the Philippines. The rising number of Koreans in the country introduced the fruit extract to Korea, which allowed one genius to mix the extract with Soju.

Not to mention that the tangy and sweet flavor calamansi extract make Soju much more drinkable, but it is also known to reduce hangover symptoms. The fruit, which contains 30 times more vitamin C than a lemon, helps detoxifying.

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The combination of calamansi and soju was qualified by Hwasa, a member of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO, as well. In the variety show “I Live Alone,” Hwasa and other MAMAMOO members enjoyed calamansi Soju, saying that it eases the hangover significantly. The singer even shared the perfect ratio for the drink – pour out a glass of soju and fill the bottle with the calamansi extract.

MBC “I Live Alone”

Thanks to the popularity of calamansi Soju, the extract is now easily found at stores, made ready to be mixed in Soju. So if you didn’t find Soju so attractive, give the combination a try. You may find your new favorite drink.


By Heewon Kim