Actress So Yoo-jin will join the SBS show ‘We Will Channel You!’.

So Yoo-jin will be the main MC of the show’s new project ‘Da Da Ik Sul’.

‘Da Da Ik Sul’ is a new group talk project in which a variety of guests will talk about some of the hot topics. Not only as an actress but as a mother of three children, So Yoo-jin will share her broad perspective on various topics.

Kim Jong-min also will join the show. Kim, who is well-known for his carefree personality, will share his creative perspective.

Producer Jo Moon-joo said, “I have always wanted to work with So Yoo-jin for so long. She is interested in various fields including food, art, and parenting. So I’m sure she will share new and unconventional stories on the show”.

The new episode with So Yoo-jin will air on February 28th at 11:10PM.


Original article
by Audrey Joung