Actor So Ji-sub took home the Grand Prize for at the 2018 MBC Drama Awards.

Image source – OSEN News

The 2018 MBC Drama Awards unfolded in all its grandeur on Sunday evening at the network’s Media Center in Sangam, Seoul. Kim Yong-man and singer Seohyun lead the event as the MCs for the night.

A total of six candidates, including Kim Sun-A (Children of Nobody), So Ju-Sub (My Secret Terrius), Shin Ha-kyun (Less Than Evil), Lee Yoo-ri (Hide and Seek), Jung Jae-Young (Investigation Couple), ană…‡ Chae Shi-ra (Goodbye to Goodbye). Each actor is evaluated by drama producers, a viewer committee, critics, reporters, and votes. After looking at each of the candidates carefully, So Ji-sub was selected as the winner.

Image source – MBC

In his acceptance speech, So said that he was “happy and grateful” while filming the drama and appreciated all of his co-stars. He went on to thank the director for his detailed work and fans for their support. Notably, this is the first time that So has won the grand prize for acting.

Moreover, “My Secret Terrius” also took home the Viewer’s Choice award. Accepting the award, the producer, Park Sang-hoon, thanked fans and viewers for watching the drama. More, he also thanked the actors and staff for working diligently on the project, which was shot in Poland and South Korea.



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