So Ji-Sub shares his special reason for choosing “Terius Behind Me” as his first drama in two years!

Prior to airing the first episode of MBC’s upcoming drama “Terius Behind Me,” actor So Ji-Sub shared his reason for choosing this particular drama to make his long-awaited return to the small screen.

Terius Behind Me” is a romantic comedy that tells a story about a single mother, Go Ae-Rin and her neighbor, Kim Bon. So Ji-Sub will play in the role of Kim Bon, a former black ops agent at the National Intelligence Service.

What captivated the actor was the delightful energy from other characters that surround Kim Bon, his character in the drama. So Ji-Sub said, “being an action drama, of course the thrill, the speed, and the action are all worth watching. However, what captivated me was the delightful energy that was coming from the characters that surround my character, Kim Bon.”

He continued, “I wanted to choose a drama that can make the audience happy just by watching it. That’s why I chose “Terius Behind Me” as my first drama in two years.”

At the end, he commented, “Kim Bon is a character who is always serious and strict about everything in his life, considering his career as a former black ops agent. However, after he encounters with Go Ae-Rin (Jung In-Sun), he ends up going through a series of rather funny events that make him look more relatable. I think it will really bring out the human side of him and provides the fun that the audience hopes to see in this drama.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Terius Behind Me” will air its first episode on September 27 at 10PM, KST.

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Translated by Dasol Kim