Yoona finished her Singaporean fan meeting with great success.

Image source – SM Entertainment

There were many reasons for the success of Yoona from Girls’ Generation (SNSD) solo fan meet in Singapore. A huge part can be contributed to the singer’s colorful and energetic performances.

Taking the stage at 8 pm on Saturday, Yoona sang her solo songs “When The Wind Blows” “Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway” combined with other forms of entertainment that kept the audience engaged.

Besides her exciting performances, the singer also impressed fans with a salad. Yes, a salad. During the event, Yoona made and gifted fans a rojak, a traditional fruit and vegetable salad. More, rojak is most commonly eaten by people in Singapore and neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia and has an established cultural significance.

Image source – SM Entertainment

The food gifted to fans coupled with the singer making an effort to learn some common phrases enthused fans.

Meanwhile, Yoona started her solo Asia fan meet tour in Seoul and has since made stops in Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, and now Singapore.



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