Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon will start her solo career under the name ‘DJ Hyo.’

Hyoyeon SNSD DJ Hyo
Hyoyeon attends the Nike ‘JUST DO IT’ event in Seoul – OSEN News

Hyoyeon, who announced her first solo album at the end of 2016, is changing her name before appearing before fans again.

Her upcoming album, which is being prepared in a digital single form, is going to be slightly delayed. Originally scheduled to be released at the end of March, Hyoyeon and her team have decided to hold back the release to ensure a polished product.

In addition to the upcoming album, the SNSD member’s change is a prominent change. The singer has shown an interest in DJing previously. This name change couple with the nickname “Performance Queen” due to her dance skills, points to her expanded interest in club music and design.

As a result, Hyoyeon started to DJ genuinely as a hobby years ago. Since then she has attended various festivals and performed as ‘DJ Hyo.’ Further, due to her consistent performances, she has become a popular performer among fans of club music.

The new date for her solo album has not been announced.



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