SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo-Man Makes Appearance at CES 2019

SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas.

Earlier this week, Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment (SME) visited CES 2019, the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

While there, Lee visited Korean companies like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Naver. More, he also discussed various future entertainment products that played a prominent role at this year’s convention. This included 5G, artificial intelligence — a topic that Lee has previously expressed interest — and robots.

However, this was no vacation for the SME founder. In particular, Lee met with the Sangok Seok, the head of Naver Labs, the executive vice president of Samsung Electronics Global Marketing Center, and LG Electronic’s Sohn Jin-ho, the director of the company’s Robot Research Institute to talk about their products and development.

In addition to meeting with technology leaders, Lee Soo-man and SME co-hosted their own exhibition. With SK Telecom (SKT), the two showcased SKT’s 5G, AI technology and SME content under the umbrella of “5G Next Generation Entertainment.

During one music application demonstration, the two showed advances in virtual reality (VR) technology. In one presentation, the two showed the avatar of a person dancing and singing with a K-Pop star in programs called Everysing VR and Dancing VR.

Both programs allow users to create virtual avatars that can be used to interact with space and people. Further, they also demonstrated a robot DJ that they hope will be the future of music performances.

A representative from SME said that the company is “expecting to make innovative changes” through collaboration with different companies. This includes the karaoke app Everysing VR with SKT and the AI-based music platform FLO. At the convention, they wanted to present “future entertainment” without limitations of time, space, and creativity.




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