SM Entertainment gained a majority share of Million Market, the agency that singers Suran and Penemeco call home.

Image source – Ilgan Sports, OSEN News

SM Entertainment (SM) recently secured more than 50% of Million Market in terms of expanding its musical diversity. According to Ilgan Sports, SM has completed the procedure for acquiring shares. Further, reportedly the company is considering an executive of an SM affiliate to be the co-chairman of Million Market.

Million Market has several artists in its roster that specializes in R&B and hip-hop genres. Some of the major names include Suran, Penomeco, Chancellor, Chin Chilla, and Taewoon — many of which who have appeared on televised music programs. Notably, Suran reached the top spot on several music charts with her song “If I Get Drunk Today” featuring Changmo and produced by BTS Suga.

After incorporating Million Market into the fold, SM now has four music-related companies. Firstly, there is the EDM label ScreaM Records, Label SJ that is exclusively responsible for Super Junior, and Mystic Entertainment.



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