The main cast of the hit series “Sky Castle” are enjoying a level of popularity that is typically reserved for K-pop idols.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

Over the weekend, the actors and production team of JTBC’s show “Sky Castle” headed off on a much-deserved vacation in Phuket, Thailand. By the show’s end, the drama had a record-breaking viewership rating of 23.8 percent, a record previously held by “Goblin” starring Gong Yoo.

Given the popularity of the show and its stars, there was fierce competition at Incheon International Airport as people looked to see the actors in person and snap a few pictures. However, the media was not the only ones on site who waited for the actors to file inĀ for their flight. A large number of fan brandishing expensive camera equipment with large lenses. It was a sight that is usually seen only around top-rated K-pop idol groups.

Unlike idols who have many different avenues where they can interact with fans t like autograph sessions, concerts, and music shows it is unusual for actors to have this kind of infrastructure. Moreover, due to the popularity of the “Sky Castle,” an active fan base with demands for goods and information formed. Consequently, as a result, the competition at the airport was even tenser due to the lack of scheduled opportunities to see and possibly interact with the stars.

Likewise, just like idol fans who value the relationship between group members, fans of the show have grown increasingly fascinated with and enthusiastic about the friendship between the “Sky Castle” co-stars. For them, they have outgrown their role as characters from the drama, although they are forever connected to it.

Products, entertainment show appearances, and even other dramas and movies featuring the actors have seen popularity and interest swell, though one industry official cautioned that it’s a temporary effect.





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