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‘Sky Castle’ cast Kim Bora and Jo Byung-gyu are officially dating!

Kim Bora’s agency Moment Entertainment and Jo Byung-gyu’s agency HB Entertainment both told OSEN on the 21st, “It is true that Kim Bora and Jo Byung-gyu are dating. The two actors started dating in early February”.

Earlier, a news website exclusively reported that Kim and Jo are dating. According to the report, Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gyu enjoyed a date on February 15th, which was a day after they got back from the reward vacation of JTBC ‘SKY Castle’. In the released video, Kim and Jo are walking on the streets arm in arm.

Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gyu actually had been involved in dating rumors while they were filming for ‘SKY Castle’. Some fans thought, in one of the drama’s making film videos on YouTube, Jo Byung-gyu tried to hold Kim Bo-ra’s hands. However, they have been denying their dating rumors through their social media accounts, variety shows, and interviews.

Meanwhile, Jo Byung-gyu played the character Cha Ki-joon and Kim Bo-ra played Kim Hye-na in the recent drama ‘SKY Castle’.


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by Audrey Joung