With the end of “Sky Castle” in sight, actor Jo Byung-gyu¬†has already decided on his next projects.

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Even before the end of “Sky Castle,” Jo Byung-gyu announced that he will take a role in both “He Is Psychometric” and “Asadal Chronicles” (working title) alongside GOT7 Park Jinyoung in the former, and Song Joong-ki in the latter.

On the afternoon of Jan. 23, a tVN representative told news outlets that they are in the final stages of negotiations with the actor. “We are in the final stage of our discussion regarding Jo Byung-gyu’s role as part of the drama ‘Asadal Chronicles’,” said the representative. Moreover, once finalized, his character is expected to make an appearance after the first half of the drama. According to officials, Jo will begin shooting in sometime in February.

“Asadal Chronicles” is a fantasy drama set in Korea that draws inspiration from the country’s ancient history. From previous statements, the new series will revolve around a hero who builds up the city of Asadal all the while dealing with power struggles and love. The new drama is directed by Kim Won-seok and written by Kim Young-hyun.

Additionally, anticipation for the drama has grown tremendously once actor Song Joong-ki confirmed that he had accepted its casting offer. Notably, this will be his first role in a televised series since “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016.

Earlier this week, Jo also made news when he decided to appear in tVN’s drama “He Is Psychometric,” which airs in March. In response, tVN confirmed that he had taken a role in the series and they have already begun filming. According to the company, he will play the role of a character’s son.



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