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Among the numerous factors that determine the image and popularity of actors are appearances, personality and speech style. Even if actors recite the same line, the feeling and atmosphere of each voice are entirely different. Here are six male actors with soft and sweet voices that are as smooth as honey.


Gong Yoo

Gifted with a steady tone and voice, Gong Yoo is known to have participated in drama OSTs due to his good vocals. Gong first sang for the film Finding Mr. Destiny, in which he also played a lead character, back in 2010. Since then, the actor has featured on songs for the KBS2 drama “Big” and the 2016 hit show “Goblin.”


Lee Byung-hun

One of the first actors that come to find when it comes to entertainers with good voices is Lee Byung-hun. He is characterized by his heavy, deep, and attractive voice. As such, it should come as no surprise that Lee has worked on several projects including documentaries as a narrator.


Yeo Jin-goo

Beginning as a child actor, Yeo Jin-goo has grown up to be a heartthrob. In addition to his acting skills and good looks, his role and voice in MBC’s drama “Moon Embracing the Sun” sealed the deal. Like Lee Byung-hun, Yeo has gone on to do the narration for several different projects including an audiobook.


Han Suk-kyu

Han Suk-kyu’s mellow and deep voice┬áis also a good actor. With his good vocals, the prolific theater and film actor was formerly apart of an amateur folk-rock band and a dedicated KBS voice actor at once point. With his warm tone, Han is like a fresh cup of coffee.


Ji Chang-wook

As both a thriving musical and film actor, Ji Chang-wook has used his strong voice to the best of his ability. Like Gong Yoo, Ji has participated in OSTs for different dramas including “Suspicious Partner” due to his dulcet tones. Indeed, his honey like voice has also made him most suitable for romantic works as a vulnerable and desirable male lead. Additionally, last year Ji voiced the Korean version of the Japanese animation Your Name.


Lee Sun-kyun

Although a nasal voice is viewed as a negative, Lee Sun-kyun has somehow changed it into one of his more charming characteristics. With a fascinating and unique voice, Lee easily steals scenes and grabs the audience’s attention. Moreover, his interesting vocal ability has allowed him to dabble in music. In addition to OSTs, Lee has also released a single in a duet with Eugene and collaborated on a song for another album.



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