From Microdot to Dok2, now the parents of singer/actor Rain have been accused of committing fraud.

Recently, an online post appeared that accused the parents of singer/actor Rain of going into hiding after borrowing a significant amount of money from a neighbor. In response, Rain’s agency said, “we will check with the artist before releasing an official statement.”

“A,” the writer of the online post started, “in 1988, my parents owned a rice shop in Yongmun Market in Seoul. The parents of Rain had also ran a similar rice shop nearby. At the time, they had borrowed rice worth of 17 million won (approximately $15,000) from my parents and have not paid back since. Furthermore, around the same time period, they also borrowed about 8 million won (approximately $7000) in cash.”

He continued, “my parents asked them to pay us back. However, they refused, arguing to be having a financial problem. They said they needed the money to pay for Rain’s high school tuition. My parents continued to ask them and requested that they pay back at least the principal, but they kept refusing. Ultimately, the whole family just disappeared.”

“A” concluded, “we tried to file a lawsuit. However, we were having a financial problem of our own. My parents didn’t have the time or the money to spend on the lawsuit, so we just gave up. Even after 30 years, my parents are continuing to write letters and try to be in contact with them, but nothing has worked.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim