In a recent photo shoot and interview with bnt International, solo singer Chungha showed off a variety of looks and spoke candidly about her career.

Having endured reality show “Produce 101,” debuting in the group I.O.I, then going solo, Chungha career as a singer has been fast and bombastic. However, it has humble beginnings.

“My mother sings really well,” she revealed in an interview with bnt International. “I was a choir member at church with my mom; I think that’s when I became interested in being a singer,” she explained.

When she joined the line-up of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” Chungha said that it was not stressful for her. She doesn’t like competition, she revealed, and as such took it as an opportunity to “test and accept myself,” she said. However, while the program was not hard, going solo after the massively popular girl group I.O.I was difficult for the singer. In fact, she listed it as one of her most trying experiences.

“Although I was confident, I was worried that the public’s expectation of me when I made my solo debut,” Chungha said. Further, she says that nothing has changed much since becoming a solo artist except that she “hears [her] songs on the street” but does not think she is very popular yet.

Besides releasing more of her own music, the singer answered that she wants to collaborate with I.O.I when asked who she wants to work with to create music. “Even now I communicate with them every day” and “I really want to get together again,” she said.

In regards to skincare, the singer said that while simple, “water and sleep are the best” when it comes to good skin. Moreover, Chungha recommended that instead of going along with new makeup trends, that doing a natural look is the safest best.

“When I look at past pictures, I think that my makeup is so embarrassing. I recommend keeping your make-up as natural as possible so that you don’t end up with a humiliating photo,” she explained.

Talking about her diet, Chungha said she isn’t super strict about what she eats so that she does not burden the people around her. Instead, she makes changes according to the conditions or adapts to the situation.

An example that the singer provides is that because she does not like to drink, she will meet with friends at a cafe instead. Further, if she ends up at a bar, she will eat some snacks instead of drinking alcohol.

Meanwhile, Chungha is working on a new song that is expected to come out this summer.



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