Singer Baek Ji-young reflects on her visit to North Korea through a social media post.

baek Ji-young
Image source – Instagram @Baekzyoung

On April 6, singer Baek Ji-young took to social media to express her feeling about her visit to North Korea. In the post, Beak wrote, “I’ve returned…The songs I sang are emotional and difficult to express, so thank you for your understanding and sympathy.” After a few hashtags, she continued with “I pray that our promise to meet again is kept.

Beak was one out of 11 artists who went to Pyongyang from March 31 to April 4 as part of an inter-Korea peace initiative concert series called “Spring is Coming.” Notably, the performances in North Korea, were the first in more than a decade, denoting the importance of the event.

Accompanying the warm message, Baek uploaded four different photos that summed up the trip. In one image the singer, with a bouquet in hand, exit a stage while a full audience watches.

Another show Choi Dong-yeol, the director of her agency.

In addition to these pictures, the singer’s visit to a famous North Korean restaurant drew the most attention.

On the second day of their visit, the group of artists and other staff members visited Okryugwan, a restaurant in Pyongyang made famous for their cold noodle dish (naengmyeon). There, Beak Ji-young was interviewed by reporters and says that while the performances are very important that visiting such places are “just as important.”

In a YouTube video uploaded on Choi Dong-yeol channel, the Baek explanation of the dish and then chows down. After trying the dish she says that the flavor of the cold noodles are different from the ones in Seoul. She described them as “rather elegant,” “a little warm and delicious.” Indulging herself, Beak says she might eat two bowls and “it’s a new experience.”


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