Rapper Simon Dominic (Simon D) denies any kind of fraudulence in relation to the situation surrounding the search and discovery of his missing uncle.

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On July 1, a representative from Simon D’s agency AOMG made a statement regarding the rapper who recently met with his missing uncle. In the statement that said that “Simon D recently met his uncle. It is difficult to confirm the exact timing and process. However, he strongly denies the claim that he released the song after looking for his uncle.”

Last month, the rapper returned for the first time in three years with DarkRoom: Roommates Only. The eight-track album drew attention from fans for many reasons, with one of them being the fifth track on the record titles Jung Jin-chul. It turns out that the song refers to a then missing member of the rapper’s family.

Jung Jin-chul, Simon D’s uncle, went missing after he lost¬†contact with his family. Reportedly, the disappeared after failing to become successful as a fashion designer. In response, the AOMG artists and CEO made a song that repeated the line “My uncle’s name is Jung Jin-chul, his job is a fashion designer,” made the track stand out. In particular, at live shows, the rapper would also mention the name of his uncle in the hopes that he would see or hear him and return.

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Once the two met, the rapper took to Instagram where he expressed his gratitude and said he plans to make up for lost time. In addition to the thank you note, he also posted a picture of his father with the Jung Jin-chul.



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