In Simon Dominic’s scorching release “Me No Jay Park,” the rapper said in the song was his resignation letter, turns out it was true.

On July 25, rapperĀ Simon Dominic (Simon D, real name Jeong Ji-suk) posted a photo on his Instagram hinting at a new song titled “Me No Jay Park,” a fellow artist that founded AOMG and together with Simon led record label.

In the scorching and raw song, the rapper left himself bear as he delved into his insecurities and relationships with Jay Park and the other AOMG artists. Lines like “AOMG is Jay effect and then Loco, Gray effect/ quite a difference there was in the thickness of the papers (money) last year” and “other than Ugly Duckling the other duck is me, lame duck” proliferate the song.

He continues to explore his motivation, lack of activity, and feelings of inadequacy and guilty for not being able to give his fans more content. More than anything, it appears that he felt that he was no longer the right person to lead the agency. However, while he has stepped down from his leadership position, Simon still plans to be active as a musical artist with AOMG.

In response, fans have responded positively to his decisions. Under the music video on YouTube, a commenter writes “You are hardworking Simon. We love you, dont (sic) forget that,” and “Dont (sic) you worry about what others say.” Other top comments echo these sentiments saying that he has worked hard and that he is a great artist.

Image source – YouTube

Moreover, although his resignation song mostly focused on the dichotomy between himself and Jay Park, there does not seem to be any bad blood between the two.

On July 29, Park promoted Simon’s comeback album DARKROOM: Roommates Only but has not released any statement regarding the change in leadership.

Meanwhile, in addition to “Me No Jay Park,” Simon D has also released a video for his song “Demolition Man” on YouTube. On the other hand, Jay Park has been dedicating most of his time to is U.S. promotions. This year he has released his debut song “Soju,” followed by “FSU,” and “Yacht” featuring Vic Mensa. Notably, Park released this song in Korean last year and teased that he would have an English version back then.



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