Viktor Ahn, a six-time Olympic gold medalist, has officially announced retirement!

Viktor Ahn, a South Korean-born Russian short-track speed-skater, has announced his official retirement at the age of 32. Consequently, it has increased the possibility of the athlete’s return to his motherland for the first time since his departure in 2012.

Viktor Ahn showcased his extraordinary talent at the 2006 Winter Olympics, when he won three gold medals while competing for South Korea as Ahn Hyun-Soo. However, the athlete soon ran into a few conflicts with the South Korean coaching staff, ultimately switching his allegiance and becoming a Russian citizen.

Afterwards, the speed-skater won three more gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics while competing for Russia as Viktor Ahn. With this, he became the most decorated short-track speed-skater in the Olympic history.

Regarding the athlete’s retirement, the president of the Russian Speed Skating Union (RSSU) Alexei Kravtsov shared a few comments. He said, “we sincerely thank him for everything he had done for the development of short-track speed-skating in Russia. We will always welcome him with open arms should he decide to work with us again in the future.”

Meanwhile, Ahn was excluded from participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics in February, after the International Olympic Committee refused to invite him. According to the committee, with the Russia’s sports doping scandal of 2016, they still had “lingering suspicions.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim