While Shoo spends time in reflection regarding the recent gambling debt controversy, her lawyer says the singer could actually be the victim.

On August 7, the lawyer of Shoo explained that the singer could be the victim in the recent gambling debt controversy. While she decided to come forward┬ábecause she did not want to cause more trouble, the case is more complicated than what’s known to the public.

On August 2, it was revealed that a famous girl group member from the 1990s was reportedly not paying off her debt, which had occurred from excessive gambling. Soon enough, speculations arose that former S.E.S member Eugene was the member involved in the controversy. Immediately afterwards, Eugene strongly denied accusations, leading to Shoo admitting she was the one involved in the lawsuit.

According to the two individuals who had filed a lawsuit against Shoo, the singer had failed to pay back a great amount of money that she had borrowed in July. She had reportedly borrowed two separates sums of 350 million won (approximately $310,000) and 250 million won ($221,000) from the two plaintiffs for the purpose of gambling.

Regarding the case, Shoo’s lawyer stated, “Shoo is currently reflecting upon herself for causing such an uproar. She knows that the amount of money she borrowed is significant and the culture of gambling does not look pleasant in the eyes of Korean citizens.”

However, while Shoo admits her fault, it’s the lawyer’s argument that she could be the victim in the case.

The lawyer continued, “we think they scammed her. It’s illegal to lend money for the purpose of gambling in the first place. Therefore, we think they let her borrow “gambling money” so that they can charge her a ridiculous interest rate. In addition, we think they went overboard with humiliating her in public by filing the lawsuit.”

“Shoo doesn’t even realize how much money she has lost. Because lending money for gambling purpose is illegal, she technically didn’t even have to pay them back. However, she has already paid them back a great amount of money. There are lot of things that seem very unfair to Shoo,” said the lawyer.

Furthermore, he also denied the reports of Shoo being a habitual gambler. “While it’s illegal to enter a casino in Korea, Shoo obtains a green card. Because she is a permanent resident, the gambling restriction doesn’t apply to her. Consequently, they cannot charge her with habitual illegal gambling.”

Finally, the lawyer concluded, “some parts require detailed explanation. Those will come to light during the prosecutor’s investigation.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim