A Japanese Media Oricon Style reported that Shinee is releasing an album, in which their late member Jonghyun’s voice will be included as well.

On April 5, Oricon Style reported that “on April 18, Shinee is releasing a special album to commemorate the 7th anniversary of their Japanese debut. In the album, they will include songs from their previous Japanese music promotions when Jonghyun was still alive.”

The album is called ‘Shinee The Best From Now On’. The track list includes songs from the past, starting with their Japanese debut song ‘Replay – You Are My Everything’ to the newest song, ‘From Now On.’

Meanwhile, Shinee held 4 concerts in February in Tokyo and Osaka. At the concert, the members said, “Shinee will always have 5 members. Please don’t forget about Jonghyun. From now on we will participate in all promotions as if it were still the 5 of us. So promise us that you will remember Jong-hyun, forever. No words can deliver our feelings to him, but we want to say that we love him.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim