SHINee Taemin continues to rest and recuperate.

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Image source – OSEN news

On January 10 Taemin was scheduled to do the second episode of his MelOn radio show “Temptation.” However, the whole schedule has been canceled altogether. On January 4, MelOn decided not to release the second episode to the public. In a statement, MelOn said, “please accept my sincere apology to those who waited.”

On December 10, Taemin released the song “Day and Night” as part of the repackaged album MOVE-ing. Just eight days later on December 18, Kim Jonghyun, the main vocalist of SHINee was found dead in a rented residence due to suicide. As a result, Taemin canceled his planned participation in year-end music festivals and other appearances. The cancellations are a result of Taemin and the other SHINee member wanting to express their condolences for the death of their closest friend and colleague and improve their mental and physical strength.

Plans for SHINee’s has not yet decided to return to work. SHINee originally planned to start a dome tour in February, but that is not uncertain. More, the group members and SM Entertainment officials are discussing whether the concert will still happen.


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