Taemin is preparing to perform in 14 different cities across Japan.

Image source – OSEN News

On July 18, SM Entertainment announced that SHINee member Taemin would conduct his first solo tour in Japan. Starting on September 21 in Kanagawa Prefecture, the singer will hold a total of 26 performances at 16 venues, in 14 different cities.

Notably, this will be Taemin’s first nationwide tour in Japan as a solo artist. Previously, the singer had a concert in Tokyo and Yokohama last year in July and November, respectively. However, these were standalone events. Nonetheless, being recognized as an outstanding singing and performance ability the tour is expected to get a hot response.

Meanwhile, SHINee is preparing to hold “SHINee WORLD J presents ~ SHINee SPECIAL FAN EVENT” on July 26. Moreover, the group is set to release their 15th Japanese single “Sunny Side” on August 1.



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