On the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” SHINee covered various topics, including why they continued with their Japanese tour after Jonghyun’s death.

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On May 30 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” SHINee talked about why they continued with their Japanese Dome Tour in February, just over two months after Jonghyun’s tragic end.

“We wondered whether to perform or not,” Key revealed on the show. There were many things they had to consider, but in the end, they decided to keep not cancel the tour for Jonghyun and the fans who had bought their tickets months in advance. “We wished to hold a concert where we could send Jonghyun to a good place,” Key explained.

However, the decision was not well received by everyone. After the group made the announcement, Key revealed that he was shocked by some of the malicious comments that people wrote. Besides the comments, he was also troubled by some of the articles written about the tour.

According to Key, there was an article that said they were using their sadness as pop singers. However it was meant to be perceived, the Key said that he doesn’t want to hear that they are using their grief as a marketing tool.

On the contrary, SHINee has always wanted do things for the sake others Key explained. But when the group made this decision, it was one they made for themselves, “something for us,” he said.

“We have been together (as five members) for so long, but I wondered what the result would be,” Key revealed. He thought that if they “fail to overcome this, I felt like I was going to be separated from the members and I didn’t want that. So I thought we have to overcome this.”

Lastly, Minho said that “We can’t be all right, but especially we’re on stage or singing, we’re not just four people. The thought of being together gives us strength and energy. I think we can have a joyful time together.”




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